Each Monday I am going to post an affirmation for the week, to help get us going and feeling strong as hell all week long!

This list comes from DorkChop’s post, which is awesome.

Today’s #MondayMorningAffirmation is: You are empowering!

This is a great one because it not only says that you are powerful, but that you help cultivate that power in others. Empowering is a wonderful thing to be, and as a personality trait, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Write this down somewhere you can see it, in your bathroom like me, on a note card at your desk, anywhere really, as long as it is visible to you all week, and reminding you of the awesome human being that you are!

Show me where you put up your #MondayMorningAffirmation! Tag me on instagram @sweetwickett !

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