Hair Transformation – Going to BRIGHT Hair #TooCuteTuesday

For this week’s #TooCuteTuesday, I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind. I have been thinking about doing something that might be, well, a little crazy with my hair! I naturally have a strawberry blonde/ginger hair color, but have been super inspired by all the people out there with white/silver/grey and pastel or bright hair.

I talked over my ideas with a few friends in the beauty biz, and watched about 100 videos of DIY tutorials on YouTube of how to bleach my hair to the whitest white, and then add some fun color on top of it!

I have had bright pink and magenta streaks in my hair before, but never a full head of awesomely bright or unique color!

In my research I have found a “less damaging” bleach product that I am going to try, purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It includes argan oil, to help nourish your hair as you destroy it with the bleach. Once I get my hair lightened, I am going to tone it using the same brand’s “dye”, and then decide where I want all this color!

I keep going back and forth between Ion, and Directions for the color. I love Ion’s colors, but have read mixed reviews. Directions has a pretty solid following, and less poor reviews.

Anyone with any experience on brightly colored hair want to weigh in on the best bright colors? I am looking for something semi-permanent to permanent, and that I can custom mix myself with a conditioner or clear dye to get just the right shade, because I probably won’t actually choose my hair color until the day of!

What have you tried for bright or pastel hair? Any tips, tricks, or recommendations?

Check out my blog in a few weeks for an update, and find out what I did to my hair!

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