Weekend in Review: Sunday Evening Turkey Wraps

There’s something great about a turkey sandwich, especially after a long, lazy, hot day. It is hitting almost 90 degrees here, and we have the AC going full blast to keep Glinda and Grumplestiltskin in the climate they have become accustomed.

We baked a few turkey breasts with an herb and mustard crust, and sliced it thin in the meat slicer. We also whipped up a cream cheese spread with garlic and pepper using our local storebrand whipped cream cheese, as it was the lowest in fats, carbs, and sodium of all the cream cheeses in our market. And it was less expensive, so it’s definitely a win all around!


Krieger’s neighbor Pat brought over some homegrown romaine lettuce to share her abundance, so we will be putting together low carb wraps to include these!


Sunday Evening dinner will be a tasty combination of Low Carb Turkey Wraps, cottage cheese, strawberries, a scoop of barley, and maybe some of Peppa’s chia seed pudding for dessert!

For the Low Carb Turkey Wraps, we picked up some Tumaro’s wraps, which are only around 60-80 calories depending on the flavor of wrap, and 5-7 net carbs per wrap. Layering on some herbed cream cheese, thin sliced turkey breast, and romaine, these make a delicious and satisfying meal. Adding a scoop of cottage cheese, tomatoes and a few strawberries will pull the meal together to be filling and gives a little variety.


One thought on “Weekend in Review: Sunday Evening Turkey Wraps

  1. Do you mind sharing the herb and mustard crust recipe/method. I wanted to lick my laptop screen when I read it 🙂


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