Weekend In Review: Draaaanks

Using alcohol as an outlet to stress is not a healthy way to handle stress. But, as we all know, sometimes having a drink or two on the weekend really makes your night feel special! We tried a new to us beer “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” from Small Town Brewery.






If they sell this anywhere near you, please buy a pack. You will not regret it. Well, if you dislike rootbeer you will regret it, but if you love a good rootbeer, you will love this actual beer. If you didn’t know it was an ale, you would think it was just a really great root beer. But be careful, they are delicious and deceptively smooth, so you don’t feel like you are drinking.

Our other drink this weekend was a cocktail similar to a vodka martini. We took the basic vodka martini, made it dirty, added a little cherry seltzer water, and a whiskey cherry to the glass. I wish I had a picture of these, because they were simple and beautiful, and looked great with Krieger’s hawaiian shirt he insists on wearing ( I think it’s because he feels like Tom Selleck in them).

Drink responsibly, but do have a little fun!

2 thoughts on “Weekend In Review: Draaaanks

  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend!! I absolutely love Root Beer and will keep my eyes open for that one. The funny thing is that I dont like beer but I would probably drink an entire 6 pack of that!! 🙂

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