#TryItThursday Jamberry Nail Wraps! (Review)

On this week’s episode of #TryItThursday, I am letting you know about one of my new favorite things for nail art. Jamberry! I was introduced to Jamberry recently through a friend who hosted an online party on Facebook. I had tried Incoco’s line of nail wraps before, and they were alright, but just not as impressive or as long lasting as I had hoped. So I took a chance, ordered up some gear from Jamberry, and have been in love with my nails ever since!

My consultant, Michelle, was amazing. She had all the answers, and helped me find some of the cutest nails on the website! She hosted an amazing online party, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to try an online party. (I bet she is super fab in person too!) If you go to Jamberry’s website, you will see they have an amazing collection of different patterns, colors, manis, even matching ones for adults and kids! But what you all came here for wasn’t to look at all the pretty colors, was it? Applying the nail wraps is super easy. I didn’t even pick up one of the little heaters, though it would make the experience even easier!

All you need is a heat source, Jamberry nail wraps, an nail file and nail scissors or clippers.
All you need is a heat source, Jamberry nail wraps, an nail file and nail scissors or clippers.

I am going to use this awesome design this week: Sweet Nothing


All you do is fit the wrap, to the nail, using their handy dandy see through sheets:


Peel the nail wrap off the sheet, and heat it for a few seconds (I used a hair dryer):


Once the nail wrap is nice and flexible, just apply it to your nail! I started from the side of my nail, and pressed down to cover across the nail. You can use an orange stick or something similar to help adhere the wrap to your nail.


And then, clip off the rest of the nail wrap, leaving as little overhang as possible:


Once you have the nail well secured, use an emery board to file the overhang off, going in a downward motion, from above your nail to below. A little heat at this step doesn’t hurt either.


Now that you have your nail wrap applied and looking pretty, you just run it under some more heat and press down firmly, to be sure that it has a secure hold on your nail.


Repeat this for all your fingers (and even your toes!). Now that you are feeling all fabulous and fierce, take a picture and share it with me! Check out my instagram, tag me, and tell me how they worked for you!


All in all, yes it takes a little time and a little patience, but it is still fast, easy on the wallet and easy on the eyes! And they last about 2 weeks, so you can change this up as often as you’d like!

Oh! P.S. – If you go to Michelle’s website, linked above, you can connect with her, and she might even be able to get you a free sample so you can give this a shot! And like I said, her online party was amazing, so hare her site with your friends!

And to help out, Michelle had some great tips to make these work even better!

Three quick tips: 1. In one of the pics I saw you were holding the wrap at the curved edge. Since that is the base of the wrap, applied by the cuticle, you want to avoid touching it with your fingers because oils will transfer into it and may affect the bond, and then it won’t last as long. 2. If you cut the wrap in half first, you can totally grab the wrap by the other end, which does not need to bind to the nail! 3. I always recommend that instead of trying to get the wrap to fit the entire nail, you go a size smaller. It seems weird, but this way it doesn’t bond into the dreaded “invisible cuticle” instead of your nail bed. Helps it last longer!

Thanks for the help Michelle!

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